The Kennel Club Boutique Hotel for Dogs
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About Linda J. W. McFadden M.S. (Proprietor)

Born in Glasgow, Scotland and raised in the Channel Islands, Linda has been an “animal person” (Poodles in particular) for as long as she can remember. Her mother showed, bred and judged Papillons and Pekingese. She still does, and following in her footsteps, Linda started showing her own two standard Poodles—quite successfully—when she was 16-years-old.

Although she trained in London for five years to become a high school science teacher (and has a Master's degree in Information Science) she jumped on an opportunity to come to America and work at a show and breeding kennel for poodles in Medina, Ohio. There, she apprenticed with two of the top professional Poodle handlers in the country––Bud Dickey and Joseph Vergnetti.

“ I learned everything—from kennel management to dog presentation and grooming,” said Linda. “And they taught me more than just about Poodles.” On the same street where she worked in Medina there were two horse stud farms and a Cocker Spaniel kennel. “The whole thing was a dream come true.”

Linda has been honing her skills in animal husbandry for over 30 years. During the last 15 years she built up a large clientele as one of Marin County's top groomers. Today, she brings her multiple talents and her die-hard love for dogs to her new shop on Miller Avenue, The Kennel Club, a day-spa for dogs.

“If I could be anywhere and doing anything in the world,” she said, “I would be here doing exactly what I am doing. I've always been the happiest looking after the animals.”